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Welcome to Penis Size Enlargement – a website where you can find all the latest information and product reviews on the newest penis enlargement  techniques and find out about the latest male enhancement products and news. Male enhancement supplements have never been more popular – as more and more men look to maximize their sexual performance and increase their sexual pleasure and satisfaction!

Our expert team of male health editors has put together a compelling list of all the top male enhancement products with in-depth reviews on each. Here you’ll find up to the minute reviews on all the latest male enhancement products, tip, and techniques sure to improve your sexual performance and heighten your sexual pleasure and satisfaction.


There are many different techniques to increase both penile length and girth – and these include everything from penis enlargement pills to extender devices, and penis enlargement patches to exercises you can do in your own home.

Which penis enlargement method is best for me?

Well, that’s the exact purpose of this website – to help men find the best technique to increase their penis size – and then to offer information and reviews of the top products in each category. Male enhancement products can improve several aspects of your sex life – penis size, sexual stamina, orgasm intensity, semen load size, and much more!

Make no mistake – having longer, thicker erections will increase the pleasure for both you AND your partner. A bigger penis creates more contact and sensation in the vagina and results in more sensation and pleasure for both partners.

What is Normal Penis Size?

what is average sizeAlthough you will see different studies showing various results, the most reputable studies claim that the average male penis size in the US is between 5 and 6 inches in length. This is according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Penis size varies not only from man to man, but perhaps surprisingly penile size varies quite a bit depending on the country men are from. Average penis size in the Congo is a whopping 7 inches – while in many Asian countries average penis size is only 3-4 inches.

Keep in mind that when we talk about penis size – we’re talking about the length of the ERECT penis. Flaccid penis size varies wildly, depending on many factors – and flaccid penis size does not dictate the maximum length of the male penis when erect.

If the average penis length is about 6 inches – then technically if you’re ‘under’ 6 inches in length – then your penis is smaller than the “average” male – if there is such a thing. Penis size is determined by penile length as well as girth. A thick penis will probably feel ‘bigger’ to a woman – even if it is a bit shorter – because it will feel thicker and tighter from her perspective.

Does Penis Size Matter?

What men really mean when they ask this question is: “does penis size matter to women”? Generally most women will say that penis size doesn’t matter that much to them. Now whether that’s true – or they’re just being nice – we’ll never know, however most women will admit that a larger penis does create more sensation and provide more sensation and sexual pleasure.

does penis size matter to womenIt’s important for men to realize that male sex enhancers WILL NOT increase the size of the flaccid penis – however they can produce BIGGER ERECTIONS, by improving and increasing blood flow to the penis during periods of sexual excitement. Natural male enhancement can provide larger and harder erections, and can also increase sexual stamina and endurance.

Keep in mind that girth is equally important when it comes to having a large penis that your penis finds satisfying. Many women feel that girth is actually MORE important than penile length, and there is some logic to this. A thick, wide penis is not only more “filling” for the woman, but it generates more contact and sensation on the nerve receptor cells in the vagina, so a thicker penis is needed to provide maximum sensation and pleasure.

Some products are specifically designed to boost semen production and produce bigger cum loads. These products also act as ‘climax intensifiers’ and can produce stronger orgasms which last significantly longer.

The benefits of male sex enhancers.

Most men at some point will experience some ‘performance issues’ when it comes to their sexual function. These can include everything from erection problems (impotence or ED), premature ejaculation problems, or trouble with small cum loads and weak orgasms.

The good news is that whether you’re experiencing one of these common problems – or simply want to “elevate your game” and increase your sexual function and enjoyment, there are many products designed to help you do just that!


Will this help my confidence?

It’s no secret that men are more confident when they know they’re performing well in bed. Ironically, this improved confidence usually attracts women even more, often resulting in more sex! While there is no pill that will directly boost your confidence, the improved sexual performance you will experience from male enhancers will undoubtedly result in a boost to your confidence.

Natural male enhancement can give you bigger erections, longer lasting sex – and many other benefits to your sexual performance. In addition to improved sexual function, many top-rated male enhancers contain ingredients which benefit several areas of overall health. You’ll have more energy, improved circulation, and more sexual vitality.

What kind of male enhancement options do I have?what male enhancement options do you have?

That’s a great question, and one we hear almost on a daily basis! The fact is, today men have more options than ever before to improve their sexual performance while also enhancing several aspects of their reproductive and general health.

Today, men can choose from male enhancers in the form of male enhancement pills, penis enlargement devices, exercises, and even semen pills.

The science behind male sexual performance boosters has grown in leaps and bounds – and there now exists hundreds of products that can do everything from eliminating impotence, providing larger erections, stopping premature ejaculation, boosting sexual stamina and vitality – and even dramatically increasing your semen load!

We consider ourselves to be an invaluable resource for men looking to capitalize on the improvements in supplementation and improve both their sexual pleasure and enjoyment. We’ve partnered with leading websites on sexual health to make sure there is no element of sexual enhancers that we don’t cover!

Basically – if there’s any area where we don’t have the best information on a particular aspect of male sexuality – we’ll show you which sites to check out. Of course, we make it our business to offer the best information ourselves – and we strive to meet that goal on a daily basis!

We’ll show you what works!

We created this website to help men navigate the hundreds of male enhancement products, devices, and techniques that currently exist to help men boost their sexual performance and satisfaction. We’ll help you cut to the chase – and discover the best products at the best prices!

We have put together a top-notch team of researchers and writers – which includes some guest posts from the male enhancement experts at and LargerLoads – two of the top male enhancement review sites that have been helping men choose better products for well over a decade.

Our goal is to help you save time and money – by showing you the products that produce amazing results – and the ones that don’t quite live up to expectations. You’ll save money and get faster results with our free tips and product reviews showing you the best natural enhancement products that guarantee the best results!

Keep in mind, we don’t actually sell any products on this website. We simply provide honest, unbiased reviews on the best male enhancement products you can find online. We don’t accept paid advertising on, so we never have to worry about offending or sucking up to any product manufacturers!

We encourage you to explore our full website to get as much information as possible to find the product that’s right for you. Soon you can enjoy the same great results that millions of men have already experienced. Get ready to take your game to the next level – great sex awaits you!

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